Statement from Revity FCU on Inequities & Injustice

The Board of Directors and CEO of Revity FCU are committed to upholding our mission statement and stand firmly against all forms of racial injustices. We are committed to forming new and enhancing relationships that provide consistent financial opportunities to ALL members without considering race, ethnicity, gender, or other characteristics not accepted by the dominant culture.

Although it is not easy and can be uncomfortable to discuss some issues (race/gender, etc.), our commitment is to do what is just and fair for ALL members. We will continue to intentionally serve ALL members equally based on Revity FCU policies. We will individually and collectively embrace our diversity and not focus on differences or attempt to restrict access to financial resources to any member.

We stand with CUNA (our national trade association), Carolinas Credit Union League, and other credit unions around the world to address the issue of racism, discrimination, and injustice in our society. Although these social ills exist, we as a society do not have to continue traveling on a road littered with persistent intolerance and bigotry. Barriers are broken when we are intentional about making personal changes and choose not to tolerate these social ills.

The pattern of racial disparities in the economy and social conditions are painful. The Revity FCU Board, CEO, and staff will not accept or promote these disparities regarding ANY member. 

Revity FCU is a financial cooperative that operates by Seven Cooperative Principles that work for the greater good of our members and the community:

1. Voluntary and Open Membership
Credit unions open their doors to people able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership without gender, racial, social, political or religious discrimination or financial situation. As not-for-profit institutions, they are devoted to their members’ financial wellness—not profit making. 

2. Democratic Member Control
Cooperatives are democratic organizations owned and controlled by their members with equal opportunity for participation in setting policies and making decisions by exercising their right to vote. One member = one vote. 

3. Member Economic Participation
Members contribute equally. The more people that participate, the more can be given back in the form of more products, lower loan rates, higher savings yields, and fewer fees.

4. Autonomy and Independence
We remain obligated, above all, to our members. As our business grows and becomes more complex through partnerships and investments, we cannot forget that all outside influences are secondary to the needs of our members. 

5. Financial Education, Training, and Information
Credit unions are committed to providing financial education to their members and the community at large. From budgeting basics to retirement planning and how credit works, they do all they can to ensure that the public and policymakers are informed. 

6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives
Working together, financial cooperatives are there when you need them. Credit unions work together to improve services to members and build sustainable communities. 

7. Concern for the Community
While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of communities—including people of modest means—through policies developed and accepted by their elected representatives. Credit unions are passionate about serving their members and about making an impact in their communities.

In conclusion, we reaffirm and remain committed to our mission of building lifelong community relationships one member at a time by providing financial services to assist our members through their financial life cycle. 

“Change begins with you and me!”

Revity Federal Credit Union’s Mission Statement:
“Building lifelong community relationships one member
at a time by providing financial services to assist our
members through their financial life cycle.”