Account to Account Transfers

A2A (Account to Account) transfer allows you to transfer funds between your accounts here at Revity FCU and accounts that you may have other credit unions, banks, or financial institutions.  You can set up as many as 2 outside accounts and make managing and moving your money easy.

To sign up for A2A Transfers:

  1. Log into Online Banking
  2. Click on “Info Center”
  3. Click on “Account to Account (A2A) Transfer Request”
  4. Fill out the information to transfer between Revity FCU and your other institution

There is a daily maximum of $2,500/each for incoming and outgoing transfers. There is a 30 day maximum of $10,000/each for incoming and outgoing transfers.

Once you have signed up for your A2A Transfer in Online Banking, you will be able to transfer money in Online Banking under the “Pay and Transfer” tab or in the Revity FCU App on the “Pay and Transfer” screen.

Read the Account to Account (A2A) Terms and Conditions.