At Revity FCU, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we have partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide free access to excellent financial education and resources to help with your personal financial matters. Plus, BALANCE can assist you with no-cost financial counseling to help you develop a sensible budget for managing your spending and debt. Throughout your financial life stages and more, with BALANCE, you have access to the following:

Financial Coach Hotline

  • From budgeting to credit and other personal finance topics, certified credit counselors are standing by to answer your questions.

Money Management Counseling

  • Talk to a counselor to help create a realistic spending and savings plan. Whether you want to get out of debt, pay your bills with ease, or save for retirement, BALANCE has you covered.

Credit Report Review

  • Review your credit report with a counselor, get advice on disputing inaccuracies, and learn how to build a strong credit history.

Home Purchase Education

  • If you are ready to buy a home, BALANCE offers HUD-approved comprehensive education on all aspects of the home-buying process.  You can learn everything from saving for a down payment to applying for a mortgage.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

  • Struggling with your mortgage payments? Take advantage of early delinquency intervention counseling to discuss alternatives to foreclosure.

Identity Theft Solutions

  • Get the tools and guidance you need to protect yourself against identity theft.  Also, learn how to recover if you become a victim.

Debt Repayment Options

  • A counselor can explain your options for getting out of debt, including a Debt Management Plan – a structured repayment option to help you achieve financial freedom.

Call BALANCE toll-free  888.456.2227

Explore Balance Educational Resources Online:

  • Members will need to register/login to gain access to the online educational programs including: Balance Track, My Balance and Get In Balance using videos, articles, podcasts, booklets, calculators, newsletters and tool kits.