Fraud Procedures

Someone has stolen your identity? Take IMMEDIATE action.

  • Place a fraud alert
    • Contact ONE credit reporting company – they will contact the other two companies
    • Placing a fraud alert is free
    • Be sure credit reporting companies have your current contact information
    • Mark your calendar. Initial fraud alerts stay on your report for 90 days.  You may renew it after 90 days
    • Record all dates you made calls, sent letters, and keep copies of your letters
    • Consider placing a credit freeze on your credit file
  • Order your credit reports
    • Placing an initial fraud alert entitles you to a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting companies
  • Create an identity theft report
    • Submit a complaint to the FTC.  Printing a copy will provide an identity theft affidavit
    • File a police report about the identity theft.  Keep a copy of the report
    • The FTC affidavit and police report make up the identity theft report
  • Contact your financial institution and any businesses where your accounts may have been compromised

Take control!  Here’s how to handle some common forms of identity theft.

  • Stolen mail?  Report it to your local postal inspector
  • Someone changed the billing address on an existing credit card account?  Close the account.  Request a password be given prior to any inquiries or changes can be made on the new account.  Avoid using easily available information.  Be creative with your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Lost or stolen Debit or ATM card?  Contact financial institution immediately
  • Identity thief accessed your bank accounts?  Close the accounts immediately
  • New phone or wireless service billed to your cellular account?   Immediately cancel the account, acquire new account, and use new PIN
  • Someone using your social security number?  Contact Social Security Administration to verify your reported earnings and that your name is reported correctly
  • Using your information to get a driver’s license? Contact Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Sharing your personal information is your choice.  Consider the option to opt-out of sharing your information:

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Stay alert!

  • Order a copy of your credit report from the three credit bureaus every year to check on their accuracy
  • One free credit report per credit reporting company, per year, using Annual Credit