Our History

Revity Federal Credit Union was originally chartered by the State of North Carolina as Greensboro Municipal Credit Union. In 1937, City of Greensboro workers pooled their resources and created Greensboro Municipal. Greensboro Municipal converted to a federal charter in 2011, becoming Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union.  

That initial startup grew substantially into a modern full-service co-operative financial institution that serves City of Greensboro employees and beyond with over 60 community-based Select Employee Groups, the Underserved Greater Greensboro Community, and Friends of the Foundation members.

After 87 years, we wanted a name that was inclusive and reflective of our entire membership. In April 2024, we changed our name to Revity Federal Credit Union. The name Revity itself is a testament to our shared journey of revitalization and community. Revity FCU aims to empower our community’s financial health and foster togetherness like never before.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values