Carolinas Credit Union Foundation

You can become a member of Revity FCU and support an excellent cause!

Revity Federal Credit Union is proud to partner with the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation, an affiliate association, to allow Friends of the Foundation membership eligibility. If we cannot qualify you in any other capacity, we will donate $15 to the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation in your name!

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation is the philanthropic partner to credit unions in the Carolinas and was founded nearly 30 years ago. Through a shared philosophy of “People Helping People,” the Foundation supports credit union members, individuals and communities in North and South Carolina. In the last 5 years, the Foundation has distributed nearly $7.5 million for disaster relief, hardship assistance, educational programs and grants, academic and needs-based scholarships, and non-profit grant support. 

The Foundation also serves as a founding partner to Victory Junction, a year-round camping facility, located in Randleman, NC, for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. Over the last 18 years, more than $5 million has been raised by credit unions in the Carolinas to support its camp and outreach programs.

How does the Revity FCU & Carolinas Credit Union Foundation partnership work?

If you do not qualify for membership through our Business Partners, the Underserved Greater Greensboro Community, or a family member, you can still open an account with us by becoming a Friend of the Foundation.

  • When you open your account, let us know you are interested in joining as a Friend of the Foundation.
  • We donate $15 to the Foundation at account opening for you to become a Friend of the Foundation
  • We will report your membership to the Foundation and you are in!
  • Once you’re a Revity FCU member, your immediate family becomes eligible for Revity FCU membership.

What do I get for becoming a Friend of the Foundation?

By becoming a Friend of the Foundation, you’ll get access to:

  • Regular communications from the Foundation on grants, scholarships and volunteer opportunities
  • Membership opportunities with participating credit unions (like Revity FCU!) to access financial products and services
  • Free, one-on-one financial counseling, debt management, and financial education through the Foundation’s partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness, a leading national nonprofit organization
  • Ability to vote for the Foundation’s Board of Directors

Find out more about Friends of the Foundation here!

Do I need to renew my Foundation membership to keep my Revity FCU account open?

No. While we hope that you will consider continuing to be a Friend of the Foundation after your year of membership has expired, it is not necessary. Once a member of Revity FCU, always a member!

I’m ready to open my membership!

Great! Open your account online or visit any one of our locations.

Click here to join!


*We will submit a $15 donation to Carolinas Credit Union Foundation on your behalf along with your contact information. If you are interested in continuing to be a Friend of the Foundation after your initial year of membership, you will need to renew your membership through Carolinas Credit Union Foundation. Revity FCU will not automatically renew this membership. Get more information on Revity FCU’s membership benefits.