Revity Federal Credit Union Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you change the name?

Since 1937, we’ve been a cooperative financial institution of people helping people. We were founded by City of Greensboro employees during the Great Depression as a way to give themselves and their coworkers a place to get a loan at a fair rate. Since that time, we have expanded to a full-service financial institution that serves City of Greensboro employees and beyond with over 60 community-based Select Employee Groups as well as the Underserved Greater Greensboro Community and Friends of the Foundation. After 87 years, we wanted a name that was inclusive and reflective of our entire membership.

The name Revity itself is a testament to our shared journey of revitalization and community. With the same trusted faces and commitment, Revity FCU aims to empower our community’s financial health and foster togetherness like never before.

When is the name change effective?

Our name change is effective as of April 19, 2024.

How do current members benefit from this name change?

By embracing a name that reflects both our community roots as well as our mission to meet our members wherever they are, we are building an even stronger, more inclusive financial institution. As we reach more members, we are better able to offer even more services to help you meet your financial goals.

Are you still affiliated with the City of Greensboro or the SEG I joined through?

Yes! We were founded in 1937 by City of Greensboro employees and we are proud to serve City employees on their financial journeys! With our unique experience in assisting City employees for 87 years, they are the foundation of Revity Federal Credit Union and we look forward to continuing to serve them for years to come.

We are also proud to continue service to ALL Select Employee Groups, the Underserved Greater Greensboro Community, and Friends of the Foundation members with the same great service they are already accustomed to.

Were you bought or merged with another credit union?

No. Revity FCU is a strong, independent financial institution and we have been since 1937. Our new name reflects our commitment to serve all members as well as embracing inclusivity in all we do.

Will credit union contact information change?

Our phone number and branch locations/hours will stay the same.

Our website will change to, and our email addresses will change to a “” exchange. Emails sent to our addresses will be forwarded to the contact’s Revity email address.

Will my online banking or mobile app change?

Your Online Banking/Mobile App login information will stay the same. You will still be able to log in to Online Banking via our website at

Our mobile app is now called GoRevity! Your app will automatically update with the new colors, logo, and name. Your login information will stay the same.

Will my membership change?

No. You are still a member-owner of Revity and entitled to one (1) board vote during elections.

Does membership eligibility change?

No. We offer membership availability to over 60 Select Employee Groups (SEGs) as well as the Underserved Greater Greensboro Community and Friends of the Foundation members. No matter where you are, there’s a place for you at Revity FCU!

Are there any changes to my loans with the credit union?

No. There are no changes to your terms, interest, or payment that are impacted by our name change.

Will my routing number/account number change?

No. Your Routing, Account, and transit numbers will not change. You should have no issues with this due to the name change.

What about my checks, ATM, debit or credit cards?

Your current checks, ATM, debit and credit cards will work as they always have. We are working on getting new designs for our cards but expect minimal disruption for our members in changing them over. If you order checks through us, your next box will come with the Revity logo. Please continue to use your Revity FCU branded checks and cards as they will all still work for your accounts.

Will anything change with my direct deposit or automatic payments?

No. Your Routing, Account, and transit numbers will not change. You should have no issues with payments due to the name change.

Will the employees change?

No. Our employees are excited to be a part of our new chapter and we hope to bring on even more as we grow!

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